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Shaping future careers in Science

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Shaping future careers in Science
Science Teachers and Career Officers explore common fields

The 3rd International workshop organised by the SEEP Network invites Career Counsellors and Advisors, Science Educators and other experts from the relevant fields to explore  methodologies (techniques, methods and means) that cultivate core skills for practitioners that contribute effectively in shaping future career choices and pathways in science through participative presentations, case studies and exercises.

Marian de Villanueva, Head of European Department (CECE) - Spain

Francesco Fedele, Sergio Bianchi, Project Coordination and Management (USGM) - Italy

Charles Bonello (UoM) - Malta and Angelide Panayiotis (UNIC) - Cyprus

Helena Mastoraki Director of EEEEK - School of  special needs - Greece

Competences in Career Advice: orienting careers to science

Break out groups: Possible paths for guiding students.
1. Life Project - Rodica Dromereschi (ASACHI)
2. Identifying Opportunities - Claire Briffa (UoM)
3. Future Careers - Antoine Gambin (OAF Malta)
4. Careers more than jobs - Gonzalo Santamaria (CECE)

Alex Lightman (USA) "Zero Unempliyment Todayand tomorrow: Science and Applied Science Fiction",

Claire Briffa (UoM) “"Students are already outside the box : we are inside"”

Session with Claire Briffa, Antoine Gambin: informal discussions in groups on
"Foresighting cross or multi disciplinary careers”

Claire Briffa (UoM): Foresighting jobs

Antoine Gambin, Claire Briffa and Helena Mastoraki.
Working session - Break-out groups on three future creation exercises in:
1. Jobs: what’s in it for me?
2. Education: there is always another way how to go about it
3.Networks: job seeking or career hunting?